Co-Op Mailers

For businesses who don't want to spend an arm and a leg to test direct mail for themselves, co-op mailers can be the perfect solution. For a fraction of the price, businesses can still reach the local community and completely saturate it with your business for just pennies per piece.

By joining forces with other local businesses, you are essentially creating a branded monthly postcard with deals that the community can use and look forward to.

Concerned about being seen next to other businesses? DON'T BE! Each business acts as an anchor. Locals might not be in need of every coupon on the postcard but because there are so many other businesses on the card that means they hold onto it longer giving you more exposure and more opportunity for them to use the postcard!


I try to make sure every business on the card has no competition. If you are a pizza place, you are the only pizza place on the card, giving you complete exclusivity and maximum exposure. The only exception is if two competitors agree to run different deals. One competitor could do a buy one get one free sandwich while the other runs a buy one get one free pizza. This is only if BOTH agree! Compare that to coupon books or envelopes where you stuck inside pages and pages next to competitors.

Contact me today to see if there are any spaces available in your location.